Fun Montreal Tourist Activities for Families

If you’re planning a visit to Montreal with your kids, you are most likely looking for some activities that they will enjoy while also seeing the best places that Montreal has to offer. This is my list of the Best Activities to do with a family in Montreal.

Activities in MontrealVisit MontrealAs a Montreal-based family photographer, I am often hired by visitors to photograph their families in this beautiful city. I offer candid children’s portraits, family photos and I always leave a little time at the end for some romantic photos of the parents on their own. Montreal is after all a very romantic city to visit. In addition to family photography, I also photograph surprise proposals as well as destination weddings in Montreal.Montreal tourism

6 Fun Montreal tourist activities for families:

  1. Explore the Historic Old Port of Montreal. The cobblestone streets, little cafés and unique architecture make this a fantastic part of the city to explore. I’ve lived in Montreal my whole life and I still discover little quiet streets as well as great shops and restaurants.
  2. Another favorite place of mine is the Botanical Gardens of Montreal. Children of all ages will find something beautiful here. It’s an enormous space where they can run and explore without worrying about cars or other noises of the city. The Botanical Gardens of Montreal has many beautiful gardens to discover and 10 interconnecting greenhouses. This makes the Botanical Gardens a great option for a rainy day or a winter visit. It’s an all year-round great family activity in Montreal.
  3. Mount Royal Park is also quite unique and a great place to discover when visiting Montreal. You can park up near the summit and take a leisurely stroll to the panoramic lookout or even hike up from downtown using the many safe and well-maintained stair cases. It’s great exercise for the whole family and ideal for kids who need to move.
  4. If you have a child between the ages of 1 and 5 – the Montreal Biodome is the place for you. A winding path leads you through various ecosystems of North America. If you time it right, you can even feed the otters around 11am. Visit the monkeys, birds, beavers and fish. Penguins are the grand finale! My two year old daughter LOVES the Biodome. This place is very stroller-friendly.
  5. Montreal is also a foodie city. Visit one of the two active open air markets in Montreal. Jean-Talon Market or Atwater Market. Both markets also have indoor stalls so they are open year-round. Lots of parking nearby and also stroller-friendly.
  6. Visit a real Montreal neighborhood with a walk down Avenue Mount-Royal in the Pleatau area of Montreal. Best place to start is Mt-Royal Metro station and walk east towards Papineau St. Lots of shops, restaurants, cafés and small parks nearby. A beautiful place to stroll in the early spring and late summer if the parks are still to mucky.Romantic Old MontrealOld Port of MontrealEnjoy your visit to Montreal. And please feel free to contact me at if you would like to schedule a family photography session in any of these uniquely Montreal locations. It’s a great memory to take home with you and a fun activity for the kids. I specialize in children’s photography, so sessions last about an hour and you get a mix of colour and artistic Black & White photography. You will also get the benefit of discovering new places that you might not have found in your guide book. I could easily design a photo shoot that winds up at of my favourite local patisseries for a warm chocolatine and a true Montreal ‘café-au-lait’.Children's photography MontrealThe photos shown in this blog are from a family photo session this past August In Old Montreal.

All photography by Kate Fellerath Photography.

Engagement Photography – Botanical Gardens

Consider the Montreal Botanical Gardens for your Montreal Engagement Photography. It’s a great choice any time of the year – especially in the winter time. There are many greenhouses to enjoy in the winter and countless gardens to choose from in the summer.

These photos were taken in late spring in the fields of lilacs. The flowering trees made for a perfect backdrop for this romantic spring engagement photography session.

Engagement PhotographyEngagement PhotographyMontreal botanical gardensMontreal wedding proposal

What is the best time for an engagement photography session?

Late afternoon or early morning is the best time for an engagement photography shoot. For the Botanical Gardens, the best time would be sometime early morning (between 9am and 10am). It’s the quietest time in the gardens and the light is softer so you can shoot more freely in all the different gardens. In the wintertime, the greenhouses get very busy, so I would also recommend an early morning shoot time.

What to wear for your engagement photo session?

I often asked what people should wear for their engagement photo session. I suggest a “business casual” look for an engagement shoot. Of course you should wear whatever you like and feel comfortable in. But dressing up makes the photos a little more polished and classic. This is also an excellent time for a future bride to test out her bridal make-up. Getting a make-up trial done for an engagement shoot gives a good idea of what the make-up will look like in your wedding photos. It’s “win-win” because you will have beautiful make-up for the engagement shoot as a bonus.

Montreal wedding photograerI also recommend bringing a second outfit, so you can change the look of your photos.Montreal Botanical GardensEngagement photographyAll photos by Kate Fellerath Photography.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss having a family photo shoot or an engagement photo shoot done at the Montreal Botanical Gardens.

Montreal’s Botanical Gardens

4101 Rue Sherbrooke E,
Montréal, QC
H1X 2B2

Botanical Garden hours:

Monday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Tuesday 9:00am – 6:00pm
Wednesday  9:00am – 6:00pm
Thursday  9:00am – 7:00pm
Friday  9:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday  9:00am – 7:00pm
Sunday  9:00am – 6:00pm


Small weddings still need a good photographer

Even if you are having a small intimate wedding, it is still worth getting a photographer. A good wedding photographer can capture your event in a beautiful and unobtrusive manner. Some of the most beautiful weddings I’ve photographed have been in people’s homes. The bride and groom are with their closest family and friends. Photography is a wonderful way to remember even the most intimate of wedding ceremonies and celebrations.last-minute montreal wedding photographerIf you are limited by your wedding budget, consider getting a photographer for the key events at your wedding : the wedding ceremony, family photos and Bride and Groom photos. These can be done at any location in Montreal. I can give you some advise for get locations for photography in Montreal.

My wedding photography packages ranged from three to 12 hrs of coverage. All my packages  includes all your final images in high resolution. I often work with a second photographer for weddings with over 70 guests. On average, my clients can expect about 100 photos per hour of photography. But I always offer unlimited capture and deliver all the final images retouched and ready to print in high resolution.

Please contact me if you would like to receive my price packages or if you would like to create a custom wedding package for your Montreal wedding. I am currently booking for 2018.

Happy wedding planning! and I look forward to hearing from you!

last-minute montreal wedding photographerlast-minute montreal wedding photographerLast minute wedding photographylast-minute montreal wedding photographerlast-minute montreal wedding photographerAll photos taken by Kate Fellerath

Hotel photos at the Hotel Nelligan in Old Montreal

Engagement Photography in Montreal for 2017

Engagement Photography

Here are few great reasons to get your Engagment Photography done by Kate Fellerath Photography.

2017 is the perfect time to get your Engagment photos done – spring, summer, winter or Fall. They are all good times for beautiful photography.

Engagement photography is a great way to get to know your photographer.

It’s also a great way for your photographer to get to know you!  During an engagement session, I can get a great sense of what the couple likes in terms of style and poses.

Use the photos from your Engagment shoot for …

These photos can be used for your  Save the Date” cards. They can also be used for your guest book at the wedding. They can also be a fun way to add some personality to your Wedding Table Number cards.

Engagement Photography to test out your bridal make-up

Consider doing a make-up trial on the day of your Engagement Photo Session. Wedding make-up should look natural but create even skin tones and brighten your complexion. If you are looking for a great Montreal Wedding Make-up Artist, I highly recommend Joffrey Dumas (  514-730-9944)

Why not get awesome photos to document your life?

You will always remember the year leading up to your wedding and it’s great to have professional photos to record that unique time in your life.

Engagement Photography Montreal

Montreal Engagment Photo Session – Recommended Locations:

I have photographed engagement shoots all over the city – here are my favourite locations. Contact me at if you would like to book your own engagement photo session. The photo sessions last about an hour and include all your images in high resolution.

Best Locations for Engagement photography in Montreal

Engagement Photography in Old Montreal or “Old Port

Old Montreal is a perfect place for Engagement Photography. There are lots of quiet cobble stone streets and stunning architecture. There is beautiful light at any time of the year. There are also great covered locations to shoot in the rain. You can also take photos near the Old Port area and the train tracks nearby. Old Montreal is a perfect backdrop for your Engagement Photos. This is the location where I do the most Engagment Photography in Montreal.Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography at Mount Royal Park

This is also a fantastic location for Engagement Photos at any time of the year. I love the changing seasons and the small quiet wooded paths. The Montreal Lookout has a view of the whole city and the St-Lawrence River, The Chalet at the top of the mountain is an architectural gem inside and out.

Engagement Photography at the Atwater Market or Jean Talon Market

A market is a great place for Engagement Photography in Montreal. It is full of colour, full of life and a very unique location for photography.  If you want something different, this is a great choice!

Engagement Photography on the train train tracks in St-Henry

Get urban, dynamic engagement photos in this edgy and contemporary location. You can use the old Buildings as a backdrop and walk along the tracks. But be careful: this is a busy train route, so don’t be surprised if trains pass by during the shoot.

Engagement Photography at Steward Hall

Steward Hall in Dorval is a fantastic choice for Engagment or Wedding Photography. There is beautiful landscaping and a view of the St-Lawrence river. Life is made simpler by the parking lot on site.

Engagement Photography at the Orange Julep

The Orange Julep is an iconic landmark and has been part of the Montreal landscape for 50 years. Any resident of Montreal will know it. It’s a fun and playful location for an engagement shoot. The bright orange dome in the background adds a graphic punch to the photos. And as a bonus, you can stay and have a great poutine and orange julep after the shoot!

Anywhere that is special or meaningful to you

Best location of all is anywhere that is meaningful to you. I love to draw on the personal connection people have with certain parks or locations that are important to them. This will make your engagement photos all the more special in years to come. As important as the background is to the photos, you are the central focus, so pick a location that best suits you and I will always be able to come away with beautiful and artistic imagery.

Please feel free to contact me at for information about my Engagment Photography packages. All my wedding photography packages have the option to add on an Engagment Shoot. I love the chance to work with couples’ before the big day!

Montreal Wedding Photographer, 7 Questions to Ask

Montreal Wedding Photographer – 7 Important questions to ask before signing a contract.
montreal wedding photographerChoosing the right photographer for your wedding is a difficult and important decision. Here is a list of some important questions that I often get asked by potential clients. I’ve also added a few that I think will help couples who are looking to find the perfect photographer for their wedding.  Remember: your photos will be what you have to remember your wedding for years to come. So take care with your decision. A good wedding photographer can make all the difference between beautiful, timeless images and dark, unflattering, and missed moments. So pay attention to a photographer’s portfolio and keep these important questions in mind.

1. Does the wedding photographer have a portfolio or website?

If you’ve found this blog, then you can see my portfolio at Make sure you look closely at every photographer’s portfolio. If you like the images and style of photography that is a good start. Next step, check and see if they are available on your wedding photographer in montrealmontreal wedding photographerMontreal wedding photography

2. What is their wedding photography experience?

In wedding photography, experience is key! You should ask how many weddings or years of wedding experience your potential photographer has. Wedding Photography is it’s own unique blend of timing and creativity and you need to have the right personality to balance both successfully. A good Montreal wedding photographer can keep the day rolling without stress, react to any changes or unanticipated delays and still come away with beautiful, moving and spectacular photos. A rainy wedding day is a perfect showcase for all these skills. Rainy wedding days are more difficult to manage so a photographer must think creatively, adapt to the situation and still come out with beautiful imagery. It is for this reason that I’m going to be showing you images from the wedding of Gabrielle and Yannick. They had a beautiful wedding despite the fact that it rained ALL DAY LONG, but I loved photographing their wedding and they were thrilled with the photos. Rainy weddings are uniquely beautiful because of the light quality and I still shoot as much outdoors as possible.

Montreal wedding photography

Bride takes shelter from the rain under a nearby tree.

3. What is included in your wedding photography packages?

One thing to keep an eye out for when deciding on a Montreal wedding photographer is to see if high resolution images are included, or if you are only being given “proofs”. If you are getting photos only sized to 4×6, you will have to pay later for retouching and larger size images. I like to give all my clients their images in high resolution, retouched and ready to print. Please feel free to contact me to find out what else is included in my wedding photo packages.Montreal wedding photographer

4. Does your photographer come with a second photographer?

Two photographers are a given for large weddings (over 200 guests) but they are also invaluable for smaller weddings (50-100 guests). You will get different perspectives and moments you didn’t know were happening. You will also get greater efficiency in photography throughout the day, which will result in less time spent taking photos and more time spent with your guests. Two photographers make the day run more smoothly and you will get twice as many beautiful photos! The added cost is minimal, but the benefits are exponential.

Montreal wedding photography

Same pose, two angles. One by Kate Fellerath and the other by her second photographer, Julie Gagnon.

5. When can I expect to receive my wedding photos?

I always deliver the final photos retouched and in high resolution 3-4 weeks after the wedding. I also delivering next-day “sneak peaks” of some of the wedding highlights which is so fun to share with family and friends.  I have heard of couples waiting 5-6 months for their wedding photos (!) so be sure to ask the question and have the delivery date added to your contract.

Montreal wedding photography

6. What equipment and backup does your wedding photographer have?

As a professional photographer, I always work with professional cameras and lenses. I also have backup cameras, flashes, batteries for any potential malfunctions (although rare) that might occur. This is also another benefit to having a second photographer. We have never missed the wedding kiss!

wedding kiss in the church* A note about wedding photography equipment.

Asking about a photographer’s photo equipment might seem too technical a question. But if you are into photography you will understand the benefit of professional cameras and lenses. As important as the eye of the photographer might be, the equipment will take their photographs to a new level of beauty, sharpness and clarity. A serious wedding photographer will invest in professional equipment because the results are worth every penny spent. You will see the details in a white wedding dress and the details in a black suit. Here is a nice shot demonstrating the qualities of a good photo.

montreal wedding

7. References? Don’t be afraid to ask for 3-5 references.

Emailing a few past clients can give you some good insights into your potential wedding photographer. You can ask about how they were on the day, politeness, effectiveness, if they were dressed appropriately for a wedding. Were the couples’ happy with their photos? Were their photos delivered on time? Please feel free to email me for reference.

How much should Montreal wedding photography cost?

Well, this is a complicated question. Wedding photography is arguably one of the most important expenses at a wedding. After the wedding you have spent ages organizing, you certainly do not ever want to be disappointed by your wedding photos. An experienced wedding photographer will be able to help you schedule your day, keep everything running smoothly and give you incredible images. Find a photographer with whom you will get along at the wedding,  but also look closely at their portfolio. It is of course essential that you like their work. But what is equally essential is that you feel they are listening when you tell them what is important to you. My wedding packages start at $2400 for 7 hours of coverage. But I do also offer custom-designed packages for smaller weddings and events requiring less hours.Montreal bride photography

How to negotiate with your wedding photographer?

Most photographers have a little wiggle room for negotiation. I’m often happy to add some extra prints, tack on extra hour for free or waive travel fees for out-of-town weddings. It never hurts to ask 🙂

I hope that these questions and discussion points helped you better understand ways to choose your wedding photographer. If you have any additional questions or if you are interested in receiving my price list or discussing having me photograph your wedding, please email me at or call 514-586-5524. I photograph weddings all over Montreal, the eastern townships, the Laurentians. I have also photographed several weddings in the US and destination weddings in Cuba, Mexico and Barbados.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. I look forward to hearing from you!

Mariage au Chateau St-Antoine

Maternity Photography in Montreal

Maternity photography is always fun and creative. I have been photographing maternity sessions in Montreal for the last 10 years. I really enjoy the direction that these sessions are taking. Lately, I’ve been working to combine portraiture (more traditional photography) with the new trends I’m seeing on Pintrest: a combination of lifestyle and documentary maternity photography.

I have had the pleasure of documenting Kate’s family over the years and it has been wonderful seeing her children grow up. Her children, Jack and Violet, are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new sibling and I wanted to capture some of that joy and excitement in this most recent photoshoot at their home in Montreal.maternity photographyfamily photography montrealMontreal family photographyBlack and white photography always adds an element of timeless beauty to the photos. All my packages include a mix of colour and black and white images in high resoltution. They are all retouched and ready to print. Contact me for more information on my Family Photo Sessions and Maternity Photo Sessions.maternity photographyChildren listen and talk to the new babyI love this photo (above) of the children listening and talking to the baby – so sweet!mother and daughterAnd Violet, who is a big fan of babies, is especially exited! Can you tell?mother and daughter

About Kate Fellerath‘s Maternity Photography sessions:

All my maternity photo shoots are done on location and last about an hour. I am happy to work with your inspirations or I can bring my own creative ideas to your photo shoot. I want each session to be unique and personal and create a lasting memory of this wonderful time in your life. And of course, I would love to come back and meet the baby (or babies!) for a newborn session too!

How to look your best in your maternity photos:

  • it’s always best to wear something tight fitting, so the shape of your baby-bump can really show.
  • don’t do your maternity photos too early. it is best to do the photos 2-3 weeks before your due date.
  • I still do the stylized portraits, but these natural poses are a nice way to remember your life at that moment in time. We can do a bit of both.
  • Do consider getting your hair and make-up done, it will make a big difference. If you don’t do it professionally, a little make-up can go a long way to smoothing the skin and making your photos great.
  • An hour is a good amount of time for a maternity shoot. But I always stay until we’re both happy with the session.
  • Consider doing your maternity photo shoot at home. You can pull out extra outfits, take breaks as needed. And you will have your own home as the backdrop for your photos. It’s a refreshing changed from the studio photos that seem to be prevalent in Montreal these days. It’s nice to do something different!

Best Maternity Clothing store in Montreal – according to me 🙂

Apso bibi
5274 St-Laurent
Montreal, Qc H2T 1S1
Toll free : 1-855-374-2424
Phone: (514) 276-5995

When I was pregnant, I ended up getting my best maternity clothes from Apso bibi on St-Laurent in Montreal. They had beautiful, high quality clothes that I was able to wear throughout my entire pregnancy. I was still doing shoots and going to meetings, so I wanted to look professional and be comfortable. I highly recommend this maternity clothing store if you’re looking for well-made, fashionable and comfortable maternity clothes. And you must check out their in-house brand of AMAZING black leggings (that I lived in throughout the pregnancy). Absolutely worth a visit!


Esterel Wedding – Best Bride Entrance Ever!

Weddings at the Esterel Resort and Spa are a wonderful way to invite guests to enjoy a country wedding not far from Montreal. This resort is only about 1.5 hrs from downtown Montreal.Esterel WeddingThese are photos from Casey and Wayne’s wedding last August. Casey got ready in one of the beautiful and modern suites overlooking the lake with her bridesmaids and her two beautiful daughters. (There is even a little private beach outside each of these hotel suites.)Esterel WeddingEsterel Resort WeddingThe plan was for the bride to drive around the lake and board a pontoon belonging to a family friend. The pontoon was to take her across the lake where she would disembark at the site of the outdoor ceremony and walk directly down the aisle. But things don’t always go as planned…

The bride did drive around the lake. We took some beautiful photos in the gardens of a friend of the family on the way to the dock where she did board the pontoon – glass of champagne in hand. Everything was going as planned.Wedding dress style

But as we began to cross the lake, the sky began to darken and the wind started picking up. The boat began to hit the high waves and bounce around. At one point, I even put the camera down in order to help shield the bride and close the flaps of the pontoon.Esterel Resort weddingOutdoor country weddingThe wind was whipping into the boat. The rain was coming down in buckets and seemed to be coming at us horizontally. Everyone was laughing at the extreme turn in the weather and there were three umbrellas protecting the bride as we approached the wedding site.

In the meantime, guests were ushered very quickly into an indoor location for the ceremony.

To Casey’s credit, she was laughing the whole time. It was an impossibly ridiculous turn of events. The sun had been shining only 10 minutes earlier. To her credit, it only made the day more memorable and I have the photos to prove it! As a photographer, I love this documentary side of weddings. I love documenting the day in a beautiful way to create the memories that couples will have forever, especially the unpredictable moments.Esterel Resort weddingOnce the pontoon was close to the beach, friends rushed outside to help carry the bride into her suite at the Esterel Resort.

documentary wedding photographyShe dried off a little and rushed through the hotel to get to the ceremony.

Esterel Resort weddingEsterel Resort wedding ceremony Esterel Resort wedding ceremonyAfter the very personal and moving ceremony, guests were invited to cocktails (inside) while the bride and groom slipped away to have a few minutes alone and do a few photos by the dock. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time away from your guests, your photos can be done in as little as 10 minutes.Esterel WeddingEsterel WeddingEsterel wedding photographyOutdoor wedding at Esterel Resort Montreal wedding photographer

The reception room was beautifully decorated with a wall of windows overlooking the lake. In the evening, guests were invited to step out onto a large wrap-around deck connected to the reception hall where they could have a drink outside in the beautiful clear night air (as the rain had stopped shortly after the ceremony).Esterel Wedding receptionThis was one of the most memorable and fun weddings I’ve ever photographed. A fantastic couple with great friends and family. The bride and groom even thought to have an ice-cream stand for the kids to make their own Ice-cream sundays.

This is the lesson: you can’t control everything, especially not the weather, so just enjoy it!

Tips for an Outdoor Ceremony and Potential Rain Plan:

  • If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, always make sure to have a back-up plan in case of rain.
  • Rain is beautiful in photos and makes for a memorable wedding day!
  • Remember that people are there for you and don’t care about the weather.
  • Be sure to ask if your photographer brings umbrellas. My trunk is always packed with white golf umbrellas – because you never know… Weather forcasts can only get you so far…
  • The bride should plan to have a shawl or something to keep warm in case the weather changes as well as a pair of shoes that can get wet. It can easily be removed for photos. It will make the photo session more enjoyable.